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Webinars in May from North American

May Web Training Opportunities

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Life Insurance Advantages

Permanent life insurance provides death benefit protection and can offer extra benefits that can help clients achieve their overall financial objectives. 

  • Generally Income tax-free death proceeds
  • Generally Income tax-free acceleration of death proceeds in some cases
  • Ability to configure generally estate tax-free death proceeds
  • Tax-deferred cash value growth potential1
  • Tax – advantaged access to cash value during lifetime
  • Some creditor protection characteristics
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)–advantaged cash value
  • In some cases, tax-advantaged rider benefits

During this webinar, Linas will review those advantages in detail, citing the authority or other source for each advantage, so that life insurance professionals can share the lesser known advantages with their clients and prospects.

Presenter: Linas Sudzius, J.D., CLU, ChFC
President, Advanced Underwriting Consultants2
Date: Tuesday, May 9th

11:00 AM Eastern
10:00 AM Central
9:00 AM Mountain
8:00 AM Pacific




Dogs Are Not Good Gifts

Many people own vacation homes and plan on leaving these to their kids. Vacation properties, like dogs, come with responsibility. While well-intended, people who plan to pass on vacation property to children and grandchildren are choosing the real estate equivalent of buying them all dogs.

There are more than 5.2 million vacation homes in the United States. Vacation home sales made up 21 percent of residential transactions in 2014.3

  • 33% of people buy vacation homes to use for vacations or as a family retreat.3
  • 19% of people buy vacation homes to use for future retirement.3
  • 13% of people buy vacation homes to capitalize on potential for price appreciation.3

Most vacation home buyers imagine these properties staying in their families for generations. The reality is, vacation homes can often become a source of family conflict. A properly trained financial professional can help families avoid future conflict.

One of the most important things people can do is be prepared for the inevitable. This presentation will demonstrate that no matter how the vacation properties are intended to be passed on to the next generation, life insurance can serve as a valuable planning tool!

Presenter: Dave Murphy
Date: Wednesday, May 17th

11:00 AM Eastern
10:00 AM Central
9:00 AM Mountain
8:00 AM Pacific




How to be Smarter with the Smart Money Concept

Smart money is money your clients want to control and be able to access during times of need. While there are several options for where to keep this smart money, only life insurance provides death benefit protection. This session will provide not only Smart Money 101, but also “outside the box” tips and the scoop on how Smart Money fits into today’s marketplace. Whether you’re new or experienced with the Smart Money sales concept you’ll want to attend this session.

Presenter: Troy Haman, AJ Stafslien & John Lulay
Date: Thursday, May 25th

4:00 PM Eastern
3:00 PM Central
2:00 PM Mountain
1:00 PM Pacific



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