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Builder Plus IUL - Case Study

Check out how Builder Plus IUL can help with retirement planning!

Jim is 45 years old with average health and has a loving wife and two kids. His family is dependent on his income, and he has a strong desire to maximize his cash value accumulation for retirement. Like many people, Jim only has life insurance offered through his employment.

Initial Death Benefit: $262,281
Premium: $900/month pay to age 65
Supplemental Income: $46,464 annual policy loans1 starting at age 65
Source: North American Illustration Software, 5/14/18. Variable interest rate loan at 6.0%

A Solution

With Builder Plus IUL, Jim has death benefit protection and is able to help maximize his cash value accumulation for retirement. He has lessened the impact of taxes because he can access money via policy loans1 that are generally tax-free.2 Since Jim has supplemented retirement income, he has the ability to forgo applying for social security until age 67 (full retirement age), or he could wait until age 70 and receive higher social security payments.

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